The R4DS Card – Setting it Up For Action!

The R4DS card is the best storage device available in the markets today for Nintendo Gaming Consoles. Many variants have been launched since the card first hit the stores but until now, no other storage device has been able to match up with the technology of this card from the labs of R4. Samsung stock rom

In this article we are going to go through the procedure involved in setting up your R4 card for a great gaming experience. Its simple!

Downloading Software

The R4DS Card needs certain firmware installation before it can be successfully configured for game play. Your R4 card will come along with a software installation pack. Just push in the CD and follow the instructions. It doesn’t really take much time, understanding or effort. For a latest version of the software, refer to the R4 home page. Instead of opening the file from the website, download it, save it on your computer and then run it.

Card Formatting

Once you’ve downloaded the software, insert the card into the card reader. Push the card reader into the USB port and format it using the FAT32 file system.

Saving Files

Its simple! After firmware installation, you will be able to see four files in the folder, on your screen. Open the R4 card window, select the four files and just drag and drop! The R4DS can not only be used for saving gaming files but can also be used for saving other media like music, movies and software applications.

Setting It Up for Gaming

After you have added all the relevant software files to the card, insert it into your Nintendo Gaming Console. For this you will need to take out the R4 card from the card reader and enter it into the cartridge. Make sure you’ve done it right before you insert the cartridge into the gaming console.

Checking For Errors

Once you’ve inserted the cartridge, switch on the Nintendo DS. You will see “Loading” displayed on the screen. If you don’t, then its possible that the files transfer process was not right. You will need to delete the software files from the R4 card and transfer them again.

If all the files are properly installed and you still aren’t able to run the game, we suggest you call up customer support for some professional troubleshooting. You can contact you dealer as well!

The “Loading” message means that your cad is ready to use. Well, what are you waiting for now, get down to business! Start gaming!!

We hope you understood this article. If you want to know more about the R4DS technology and all that it’s capable of doing, we suggest you visit the internet for detailed write-ups with images and video feeds.

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